Post-traumatic Pain by Charlie Perry

Hello all, My name is Charlie Perry, and  I am 23 years old My experience is a painful one, last November 18, 2004 I was struck by a motorist and  it ended my career in Culinary Arts. I broke my neck, my back, my ribs, my hip, and had a skull fracture as well.  My ribs punctured my lungs and ruptured my spleen. After all that I suffered Bell’s palsy on the left side of my face for a while-- thankfully it passed--- and I damaged two nerves in my right shoulder severely. I have no feeling, strength, or support in my right shoulder. Since then I have been recovering, and I have found medical marijuana is very helpful for pain and sleeping. My doctor will not let me join the club but I have other means of access.

There is no better pain killer then the use of medical marijuana in moderation.