Severe Nausea of Pregnancy

When I found out that I was pregnant with my little girl, I was ecstatic. I was concerned that I would not be able to have children, because of cysts on my ovaries, and because I am afflicted with endometriosis (which was helped by smoking marijuana. ) But thankfully I was pregnant, and happy I was, until morning sickness came about.  It did not take too long, and when it hit, it was like a ton of bricks in my stomach, all of the time.  No food looked appealing to me, and when I could bring myself to eat, I would throw it up immediately afterward, sometimes during.  But I was a trooper, and I would eat again and again, until the food stayed down.

I had recreationally smoked marijuana before I got pregnant, but was determined to quit for the baby.  However, after I began losing weight, and not being able to eat anything, I quickly decided that my wasting away would do neither the baby nor myself any good.  So I resumed smoking, and it helped tremendously.  I still got sick about once or twice a day, but that was nothing in comparison to my condition before I began smoking.

I was concerned as to the effects that it would have on my baby, but she came out to be an 8lb 7oz baby, and she is smart as a whip.  It made me very happy to read a study just recently about Jamaican women who had smoked marihuana throughout their pregnancies, and had healthy, intelligent babies as well.  If it were not for marijuana, I do not know what would have happened.