The Nausea of Pregnancy by Anonymous

I am two months pregnant with my second child. This pregnancy is definitely a lot different from my first. I am extremely nauseous.. In my first pregnancy I smoked weed for the first four months, r only once or twice a day.  So if I was nauseous, I didn't feel it. This time I decided not to smoke weed at first, but the nausea was so bad that. I felt sick all day every day. My doctor prescribed some medicine (Phenergan) to stop the nausea, but that didn't do anything. I still felt sick to my stomach, sometimes worse. So I decided to smoke a little weed, and I felt so much better. I could actually enjoy being awake.  I smoked weed for about three weeks until I couldn't get any more. Now I am back to being sick all day long. Oh well. By the way, my first child turned out healthy, never gets sick and is the smartest little girl.