Marihuana and Ruptured Disc Pain
by Glenn Smith

In December 1995 I blew 4 discs in my lower back. I went through traditional pain treatment and was told no surgery would help. Now here is where things got complicated. I am a recovering alcoholic and was completely clean and sober for 13 years. In April 1997 I got strung out on pain meds [Lortab, soma, ms Contin, Percodan, delodid. I kicked at the end of November and haven't taken meds since. In December 1997 I smoked for the first time in over 14 years, and it was the most difficult decision. Now after 2 years of use I have come to the conclusion that medical marihuana is the only form of treatment that is safe for me. I started using for pain but quickly found other benefits. Relief of muscle spasms, relief from severe nausea, and believe it or not, relief from severe depression.