Myoclonic Epileptic Seizures and Other Symptoms by Matt Creekmore

Marijuana should be thought of like any drug.  Think of alcohol.  A small glass of red wine will relax you, a couple of beers will get you drunk, and 10 shots will get you wasted.  The same goes for marijuana.  For me, a small amount does the following:

-Improves my mood

-Forces me to think of the future and not the past, causing me not to be reminded of a depressing past

-Allows me to focus on the reality of the present, instead of staring off thinking of the many reasons I may be depressed

-Lowers my juvenile mycologic epileptic seizures by about 50%

-Causes tremors from my body to stop, causing me to stop shaking constantly and fidgeting unendingly.

-Forces me to conceptualize the current issues my life is involved in and causes me to rethink and create better, more logical conclusions about what is best for me and how to improve myself

The marijuana has saved my life.  The marijuana has made my life worth living.  What I do is smoke half of a very small bowl every one hour.  This keeps the THC regulated in my body, allows my mood to stay constant and consistent, and also allows  me to benefit from marijuana, not get wasted and harm myself from it.

Control is important, and as with any drug, responsibility is of the utmost importance.