Seizure Control Made WORSE by Marijuana
by Paul Ruiz

I was injured in the right temporal lobe during the Gulf war of 1992. I had smoked marijuana off and on since I was about fifteen years old. I won't deny that I enjoy getting stoned regularly, but after being on various medications without seizure control (while smoking at the same time), I decided to stop smoking for a while and see what would happen. I was amazed to find out that my seizures became controlled after not smoking for a few weeks.

I was a little skeptical and thought that a change of medication (Trileptal) had brought my seizures under control. I decided to smoke again casually. After smoking a few times I began having seizures again. It broke my heart, since I had thought from the onset of my seizures that cannabis would help. I stopped smoking and once again I was seizure-free. And once I got high I would have a seizure. I would assume that every person reacts differently to a substance, but for me, (unfortunately) cannabis only serves as a trigger for seizures. Cheers to all of you out there who have a positive reaction from cannabis. I have to stay clean if I want to be seizure-free, and to me not having seizures after having an average of twelve a week is much more valuable that a occasional buzz.