Pain and Spasticity by Travis Dyck

Hi there! I will make this short, because this website has most of the right facts. I'm 28 and was a Toopush/Rig Manager in an oilfield. I was in a truck wreck and broke my neck and sustained a spinal cord injury. This left me with nerve damage which causes very bad burning pain in my left side. There is also spasticity in my right side, mainly my right arm and my left leg. This causes my leg muscle to get extremely tight, and it hurts to walk. My hand will slam shut when it is cold or if I'm nervous. My joints get very cold and sore. It feels like I'm seizing up. This has been going on for almost 2 years and Iíve seen lots of doctors who gave me a pile of pills that make me feel like shit and screw my head up and have a page of side affects. Oh! Did I forget to tell you? They didn't work. So I went searching for something to ease my pain and help me sleep. I tried different types of Mary Jane, pot, weed, etc, and there is one type that numbs my joints. Isn't that funny? Have a little puff and feel better, or take $100-300 a month worth of pills that the doctors are making a killing off and turn your body inside out. You decide. I'm glad I stumbled across this site. I feel way better that I shared this with you guys. Take it easy. Thank you