Stress Prevention by Curt Lund

Maybe 'dissatisfaction with life', is not a disease, but with today's fast pace and long hours, I needed something.  Marijuana enhances my life by making simple meals and home life a bit more sensual.  I can finally relax and make time slow for a period.

I'm now more creative, I sleep better, and my thinking is less linear and more complete.

My life seems now to be something I can live with immense satisfaction.

I'm newly married to the best wife, we're both 40, childless, and I work in sales.  My wife and I share a cottage and a charmed life where every ritual is a source of great pleasure.  Marijuana plays a large role in my happiness.

I can live without marijuana.  If it didn't exist, my life would still be okay.  The value is that, once taken, I feel as though everything is more intense and pleasurable.  I pine for the old days as much as anyone.  Marijuana is what makes me say that the good old days have yet to come.  I've started writing a book, I paint, and every chore or project is a blank canvas for some work of art.  For example, even the drudgery of mowing my lawn becomes a chance to make the lawn look better than ever--something that would have sounded ridiculous BC (before cannabis).

I realize the forum is about marijuana for medical purposes.  And I submit that the enjoyment marijuana has brought to my life will actually prevent diseases I would otherwise expect to encounter--specifically stress- and anger-induced illnesses.