Marihuana and Stuttering

John Spofforth

At age 68, smoking marihuana helps me within seconds to positively relieve my constant pains and somehow lift me out of the endless ruminating of depression. Sometimes my depression gets so bad that I stay in bed for two or three days and become reclusive. That all vanishes when I take a few tokes of a marihuana cigarette. One joint gives me about an hour's relief.

Marihuana also relieves and smoothes out my lifelong stuttering. When I smoke marihuana, I relax, don't care if I "block", and do not subconsciously anticipate stuttering on usual consonants -- B, C, K, ST, etc. and vowels - A, E, and I -- that I block on or repeat. And my train of thought thereby flows smoothly in my narrative content because my worry of stuttering has somehow vanished. I am fluent. Others have noticed this.