Terminal Cancer
By Fred Hermon

My name is Fred Hermon. I'm 52 years old and live in North Tustin, California. Several years ago my 80-year-old mother became afflicted with advanced breast cancer. She underwent surgery, radiation treatments and chemotherapy. The chemotherapy caused her to vomit continually. She could barely eat or drink. She quickly began losing weight. Eventually she went six days without consuming foods or liquids. Her oncologist told me that unless she began eating within 24 hours he'd hospitalize her and feed her through a  tube.

I recalled having heard that marihuana is helpful in such cases. In desperation I contacted one of those "underground" groups that supplies marihuana for medical purposes. A lady from the group came to our house. I took her into the bedroom where mom lay...dying of cancer, her breasts cut off, bald-headed from the chemotherapy. She was a mere skeleton. I purchased a small amount of marihuana, carried mom into the living room, sat her in a comfortable chair, made a crude pipe from tinfoil, put a dab of marihuana in it, lit it and handed it to mom. She took a puff or two. I walked into the kitchen while she was puffing away. About five minutes later I heard her call out weakly "I think I can eat now". I started her out with a bowl of custard. She wolfed it down. She ate for ten straight hours. No vomiting, no nausea. I was astonished. Her oncologist had given her a number of drugs to stop the nausea and vomiting with zero effect. But the marihuana worked. Mom had been bedridden for weeks. When I awoke the next morning mom wasn't in her room. I found her outside working in her beloved garden. It was a miracle!

Mom lived for another six months. She was gaining weight right up to the end. The marihuana gave mom not just those extra six months but PRODUCTIVE months. She took trips, visited relatives and took care of unfinished things that she had wanted to do before her death.