Chemotherapy for Testicular Cancer
by Anonymou

I am a 27-year-old male who was diagnosed with testicular cancer 6 months ago. I have undergone several operations to rid my body of the cancer. During the second operation it was apparent that chemotherapy was necessary to significantly decrease my odds of recurrence.

Prior to my experience with this illness, I was your typical "Just say no" type when it came to using any recreational drugs.

Shortly after my first round of chemo, I found myself feeling sick to my stomach. I felt as though I had eaten just enough d-con rat killer not to kill me. I was miserable, and the $25 a pill anti-nausea medicine they prescribed was not working at all.

After trying several types of medication, I was losing weight to the tune of 8-10 lbs a week. At that point I was given a prescription for Marinol. I had an immediate turnaround with regard to food consumption and overall mental health. I do realize that this synthetic THC is a replica of one of several cannabinoids that contribute to the overall affect of the drug. I was happy to see that the FDA isolated synthetic THC to help me at this point in my life.

By my third round of chemo the Marinol began to wane in its effects, and with much reservation I obtained and smoked marihuana. I was smoking through a water-filtered device and receiving relief from the ever-worsening affects of the chemotherapy. It was the only thing that gave me relief.

I have been clear for the last two checkups and was happy to return to work and my daily routine without the need for marihuana. I am now an advocate for medicinal marihuana, having first-hand experience on the subject.

For the last 5 years I have been working with a law enforcement background. The events written in this brief story are meant to help others who are having trouble taking the plunge. It is no longer a question of ethics but of choice.