TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome) by Sheena


My name is Sheena and I am an 18- year- old college student.  I have been using marijuana medically for 2 years now.  I was diagnosed with TMJ [temporomandibular joint syndrome] about three and half years ago.  This disorder causes me extreme pain in my jaw and also horrible tension headaches.  I was taking Vicodin to deal with it for a while but I strongly disliked the effects of it.  I was introduced to marijuana by another patient who uses it to get rid of her headaches.  I found that it worked miraculously for me!  If I smoke a joint or bowl before the pain gets too bad I can get it to fade away.  Marijuana has never interrupted my life in a negative way.  I am a straight A student and have a part-time job.  I feel that marijuana has made it possible for me to function in my daily life.  I got my 215 card [through California’s Proposition 215] this year and it has made me feel much better and less afraid of facing jail time for using my medication.