Treatment of Chronic Pain by Larry Treftlin

My name is Larry Treftlin and I have recently started using marijuana as a substitute for my pain medication (DEMEROL). I use 600mgs of Demerol a day.  It helps my pain but in doing so greatly reduces my quality of life.

I am a 50yr old male and I have had two spinal operations, the first one in 1973 and the second one a spinal fusion of L5S1 in1974.

I have always had a certain degree of pain but in the last 5 years it has gotten severe. I am presently on long-term disability because of my back.

About 3 months ago a good friend of mine convinced me to try marijuana and purchased some at great risk to himself.  He had seen an article on The TV show Nature of Things on how it helps other people in chronic pain and, being a good friend, thought of me. My friend did not then or does he now smoke marijuana. I have found that marijuana has reduced the amount of muscle spasms I get. It doesn't totally take away my pain, of course, but I do feel it allows me to get up and do things I wouldn't even consider doing before. I still have to take my Demerol but I have reduced the amount to half of what I was requiring before. The biggest problem is the supply and the threat to my freedom.. I haven't as I mentioned before had a great deal of experience with marijuana but the exposure I have had has been nothing but positive. My doctors have had me on just about every pain medication known, including morphine. I cannot take codeine, as I am allergic. I thank God for my concerned friend and his persistence in getting me to try marijuana. If I were allowed a choice of which medication I could use it would certainly be marijuana.