I watched the repeat of 60 Minutes last night, to which I was certain to draw the attention of my friends and family. It was quite inspiring, sir, to see your battle continued. It is also energizing to see that so many states are flying in the face of the government's decision to deny patients this potent medicine and all the benefits they might derive from it. My company, GreenTek, produces the VapoRilzit. We have sent a version to John Dvorak of Hemp magazine in the hope that you and other prescribing physicians might have the chance to obtain some test results from actual patients. We find that vaporized THC produces less of the weighty feeling usually found in smoking marihuana or eating it. And naturally, when one smokes anything, it can prove counterproductive to health. Having a medical opinion would give us valuable feedback on how to adapt our product and offer it to patients who seek an alternative to smoking.
We are pursuing a certificate to bill insurers for our products as durable medical equipment, like the nebulizers prescribed for asthmatics. Since I have 15 years of medical billing experience, I cannot begin to tell you how thrilling is the prospect of a major Blue having to submit a check to a patient who uses our device!
Thank you for your work, doctor. I find your site a pleasure to visit and to recommend to our own patients who request information. Feel free to visit our site as well.