Vaporizers by Anonymous

I noticed your recommendations for vaporizers. As I began using medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms from MS some time ago, ingesting it without smoking became paramount to me. The first vaporizers I tried were the sort that looks like an electric crystal ball...which hardly work at all. More recently I used the Eterra for a couple of years, which, unfortunately is not around for the moment, I don't think. However, I have found, honestly, a better version of the same design--efficient, effective, no losses, safe. I have absolutely no affiliation with the makers or retailers of this vaporizer whatsoever, other than that I bought 2 units. They're made by E-vapes, found at These are very high quality, much more durable than the Eterra, and with some improvements making its long-term usability more of a sure thing. They're also cheaper. I mention this because I've become a bit of a vaporizer "advocate", and these things really work well. I also think it's extremely important for potential vaporizer users to keep in mind that it is a totally different experience than smoking. It will take some time for the body to adjust to the different sensation, which may feel "less potent" at first. In time, you will find it is not only as potent or more, but your stock is used substantially less quickly and it will become your favorite method of partaking. Smoking will begin to taste exactly like swallowing a mouthful of ashes. There really has been no better method invented. The Vapirs look okay, though way too expensive, and I don't even think the fundamental design of the "vaporization/inhalation process" in those units is as efficient as the E-vapes (or Eterra).