Marihuana in a Variety of Pain

Robin Wiley

I use marihuana for a few different medical reasons, the main reason being that I am a heroin/cocaine addict who has managed to stay completely away from chemicals for the past 18 months with the help of a modest amount of marihuana smoking. Also, I have suffered from crippling migraine headaches since I was nine years old. It was actually migraines that led me to heroin use in the first place! I am 39 years old and I began taking strong opiates for the pain of the headaches when I was about 10. I worked my way through all the pain-killing drugs I could get from my various doctors, then I met my ex-husband, a heroin addict. I spent the next twenty-two years going to many, many doctors. Back to the point: I have found that if I smoke some high grade marihuana (bad weed seems to make headaches worse) right when either the headache begins or I get the "lightening" in my eyes, I fall asleep deeply and when I wake up I feel just great. If I wait too long to smoke it takes me longer to feel better, but it is still more effective than any other treatment I have ever tried. The other thing I use weed for is my menstrual pain. I have endometriosis and PMS that causes me quite a lot of pain and general discomfort. Again, smoking a bit of marihuana at the onset of symptoms seems to ease my pain like nothing else can. I only wish people could understand that marihuana users aren’t just kids and criminals...they are people like me who go to church, have families, regular people who can’t find relief elsewhere. I get nervous just writing about this, but I feel like I should get involved in legalization somehow. Maybe this will help you.